Responsible Gaming Statement

Know the Signs of a Gambling Issue


SuperBook USA adheres to the AGA’s Code of Conduct for Responsible Gaming. We pledge to make responsible gaming an integral part of our daily operations. You may request at any time to be removed from any promotional mailings and for revocation of casino-specific privileges such as sports wagering account, player card privileges and on-site check cashing. We reserve the right to exclude a patron from gaming in our discretion. We will enforce state law which requires you to be 21 to gamble.

We provide current education to employees on responsible gaming and resources on assistance with problem gaming with periodic refresher training.

We make information available to all patrons explaining the probabilities of winning or losing at the various games offered by our casinos and resources for assistance with problem gaming.

We advertise responsibly by including a responsible gaming message and/ or a toll-free help line number in advertising messaging where practical. We place media where most of the audience is reasonably expected to be above the legal age to participate in gaming activity. We do not feature collegiate athletes or persons designed to appeal to those under the age of 21.

Superbook USA urges those who gamble to do so responsibly.

Warning Signs of Problem Gaming:

  • Gambling to escape worry
  • Gambling to get money to solve financial difficulties
  • Feeling unable to stop playing, regardless of winning or losing
  • Often gambling until your last dollar is gone
  • Neglecting your family because of gambling

If you think you may have a gambling problem, or know of someone who does, there are resources available for treatment or assistance.

Problem Gamblers Helpline


Counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide information on available treatment and support groups in your area for both the gambler and those affected by the gambler’s problem. All calls are completely confidential.

If you wish to view a full copy of the AGA Code of Conduct for Responsible Gaming, log on to the AGA website at