SuperContest® & SuperContest Gold®

The ultimate pro football handicapping contests...known worldwide.

Since 1989, people from all walks of life - professional handicappers, farmers, equity traders, baristas, and more - have participated, and won. Each of the last 8 years has broken records for contestants...SuperContest®'s popularity keeps growing. 

Millions worldwide follow SuperContest®. Earn global recognition for your sports book by participating today.

How it Works

SuperContest® and the winner-take-all SuperContest® Gold consist of contestants selecting five games against the contest line for the 17-week regular pro football season. Each win is one point, with a half point for a push. The contestant with the most points after the 17 week regular season will be declared the champion.

The 2018 SuperContest® champion will pocket a life-changing $1,422,214. The 2018 SuperContest® Gold in 2018 winner will receive an amazing $640,000.

2018 SuperContest® Fast Facts

  • Contestants/proxies must be at least 21 years of age 
  • SuperContest® (2 entry max) entry fee is $1,500 & the winner-take-all SuperContest Gold® is $5,000 (1 entry max)
  • The 2018 SuperContest pays out the top 100 finishers plus ties
  • In-season $15K bonuses include; leader(s) after 4 weeks, half-way point, and the mini-contest (the last 3 weeks)
  • Participants must be residents of the state of Nevada. Out-of-state registrants may select a local proxy. The proxy must register in-person with contestant and be a Nevada resident.
  • Weekly selections are due at 11AM each Saturday
  • Past winners have collected $1.37M (2017), $906K (2016), $895K (2015). 2017 Gold winner took home $470K
  • For more information and to follow the 2018 SuperContest® go to